A salmon captured on our fishcam
Caught from Myrtleberry's garden
Caught just downstream

The East Lyn presents the fisherman particular challenges given its geography but even if the trout and salmon prove too wily, at least you will enjoy the environment! Brown trout are resident, and we often see the salmon and sea trout migrating to their spawning grounds. While we allow fishing from the garden, that does not include the river frontage by the main house, including Pedder's Pool where we not only feed the trout, but have our fishcam to be able to watch them - we can even recognise some year after year from their scars!

The fishing season for Salmon is from March 1st - September 30th & for Trout is from March 15th - September 30th and an Environment Agency Rod license is needed for any fishing on UK rivers. Very reasonable day/week tickets for the rest of the East Lyn are available from many places including the Lynton Tourist Information Centre.

In addition to the river fishing, there is sea fishing from the rocky shoreline or boat trips available from Lynmouth harbour. There are also still water fisheries in the vicinity.

Myrtleberry has fishing rights from the garden, indicated as private on the map below.


The Environment Agency has announced continued restrictions to the fishery on the East Lyn River since their introduction in 2017. These are deemed necessary due to disease issues affecting salmon and sea trout in the river and the observed decrease in juvenile salmon recruitment in recent seasons. The aim is to limit impacts from angling on the migratory fish stocks in the East Lyn, whilst they are under increased pressure. No additional regulations have been placed on the trout fishery, as there have not been any observed problems with disease in resident brown trout.

The full 2017 restrictions are published below and continue to apply