Exmoor has a landscape to take your breath away: the highest sea cliffs in England; windswept open moors; deep, steep-sided, oak-lined combes with waterfalls and turbulant river flows; rich colours changing through the seasons with purple heather, yellow gorse, grey scree slopes and crumbling dry-stone walls, brown bracken, green mosses and trees, Atlantic skies and white water. And then there are the villages, castles, gardens, and a huge variety of other attractions to visit and activities to watch or get involved with. Many leaflets are provided in the Lodge.

No better place to relax, indulge or get active as you desire ....

Use these three websites to help you Dream, Discover and Explore:


Ambient Telly on YouTube

Series of 2 minute videos showcasing the nature around Myrtleberry

Gallery of photos of the area: