Special Information for guests regarding

COVID-19 Meaures at Myrtleberry 

September 2021 Version 11

We hope you and your party are looking forward to your stay with us at Myrtleberry, but we ask you to read  the information on this page. We have written it to share some information with you about how we are minimising any risk to yourselves – and to us – from Covid-19.  Please also share it with the rest of your party.

Local facilities are open and operating under the Government's guidance. Alongside the challenges that Covid-19 has presented local businesses, there is also an extreme staff shortage necessitating changes to how places are operating. It is often necessary to check opening times and make reservations. The best place to get up to date information on this is https://visitlyntonandlynmouth.com. 

At Myrtleberry we have undertaken a risk assessment to help guide the precautionary measures we are taking – please ask if you would like to see it – and we have successfully applied for Visit England’s ‘Good to Go’ Industry standard around Covid-19. While restrictions have been relaxed this summer, we are choosing to continue implementing our more stringent changeover procedures at least through the rest of 2021.

To allow us the time to do this, please do not arrive before 4pm on your day of arrival. Check out remains the same at 10am.

Regarding Covid-19 itself:

  • Have a plan in case you get ill while away – how you will be able to get home quickly and safely.

  • On arrival you can use the NHS Covid-19 test & trace app to scan our location specific QR code displayed in the kitchen if you want to - while this is no longer 'mandatory' it is still a key part of the strategy to keep infections down.

  • A supply of the lateral flow tests will be made available for your use in the Lodge - please feel free to use these for your own peace of mind. Lynton now also has a mobile testing unit outside the town hall on Saturdays 10.30-14.30, and Wednesdays 15.30-18.30.

  • If you develop symptoms whilst on holiday, please arrange a 'proper' test using the Myrtleberry address. You can order a test from nhs.uk/coronavirus or call 119. 
    You MUST notify us immediately if you have symptoms so that we can support you and take the appropriate extra measures (we have an additional protocol in place if this happens). In this instance your whole party must also self-isolate and take appropriate action based on your test result. 

  • Likewise, if you are contacted by Test & Trace whilst on holiday you MUST notify us immediately that you have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and asked to self-isolate.

  • If you develop symptoms but are well enough to return home then please do so and self-isolate at home. Accommodation providers are not obliged to provide self-isolating facilities so you will be liable for any additional costs incurred.

  • Please notify us if you or any of your party develop symptoms any time up to 28 days following your stay at Myrtleberry so we can take the necessary precautions.

  • Please note that if guests do have to self-isolate in the Lodge, we will have to cancel subsequent bookings and your own booking may be impacted …


We undertake to:

  • Continue our flexible cancellation policy – we will refund what you have paid for your holiday if you have to cancel at short notice due to Covid-19 (although if you are able to claim through your insurance so we do not lose out this would really help us!)

  • Inform you if we or any of the guests staying in the Lodge before you become ill at any point during or up to 28 days after your stay (we rely on you to notify us if this applies to you or your party)

  • Follow the appropriate changeover and other regular cleaning protocols (see summary of what this involves in section below)

  • All handles, keys and key safe will have been sanitized before your arrival as well as thorough cleaning inside the Lodge including sanitization of all ‘touch points’

  • Keep your holiday as normal and enjoyable as possible!


Key points of our Cleaning Schedule and Risk Mitigation Measures:

    • Risk Assessment undertaken and Covid-19 cleaning schedule made
    • Pillow protectors replaced weekly along with bed linen. We do not have enough to swap the actual pillows each week, but feel free to bring your own if you would prefer! 
    • Normal cleaning schedule using appropriate cleaning materials and then sanitisation process using materials compliant with EN1276
    • Extra focus on ‘touch points’ for sanitisation
    • All rooms aired fully & sprayed with virucidal disinfectant mist once cleaning completed


What we ask of you:

  • Please let us know if you would prefer to make up your own beds on arrival so that we can just leave the bed linen out for you.

  • Please continue to apply social distancing and frequent hand washing whilst on holiday. There have been a surge in cases in the South West, probably related to the number of visitors over the summer, so don't let your guarg down!

  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser and face coverings. We leave cleaning materials in the Lodge if you want to use them.

  • Please use the dishwasher to ensure that washing is done at a high temperature

  • Given our sensitive septic waste system, please do not flush ANY wipes, masks, or particularly specialist cleaning products down the toilets or drains.

  • Following updated advice about transmission, it is not necessary to remove the non-essential soft furnsihings, games, puzzles, books and magazines etc in the Lodge.  

  • Please contribute to keeping the Lodge well ventilated by opening windows on occasions. We have a new Positive Input Ventilation system (the fan in the ceiling of the hallway) – this takes air from the roof space, filters it, and pushes it round the Lodge and out, so it will help!

  • Waste – please securely bag all waste, but particularly disposable masks (with straps cut) and cleaning wipes. Place secured waste bags in wheelie bin in greenhouse.

  • Recycling – rinse tins, bottles and plastics, and place them - & cardboard & paper - in recycling bins inside the greenhouse as normal.


Going out and about:

  • It is almost essential to make advance reservations (sometimes more than a week in advance!) if you want to visit local attractions or eat out (our local pubs and restaurants are reporting a very high demand). Please also cancel those reservations if you are not able to take them up though!

  • Our local shops are small and may have a queuing system outside – please look out for these arrangements and be patient with them.

  • Everywhere seems to be very busy with ‘staycationers’. Even the popular footpaths seem busier although most people stand aside to maintain maximum possible distancing. We can recommend walks where less people go…

  • You are still the lifeblood of our local economy and do encourage you to continue using our local facilities - they are all working within the Covid-19 guidelines.


On departure:

  • At the end of your holiday please strip the beds and place bedding in one pile, and towels in another, and leave them in the hallway.

  • Fill dishwasher with glasses, cups, crockery & cutlery before departure and leave on a hot wash to be emptied during changeover. 

  • Leave the windows open to allow ventilation.

  • Our visitors book is available in the Lodge for your comments. You can also leave us an online review using the review option on Facebook – that link is here – or on Google – that link is here. (We’re quite keen not to get onto TripAdivsor!)


Thank you! Stay Safe!